About AGMP

Established in 2009, the mission of the Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse (AGMP) is to give residents of the Palouse a meaningful alternative to holiday gift giving and an opportunity to support local nonprofits. We strive to enhance community well-being and sustainability through celebrating personal charity and community partnerships.

Every year the AGMP offers opportunities for creative, sustainable and heartfelt holiday giving. This year 32 nonprofits offer gifts in the form of donations that help them provide services that make the Palouse a wonderful place to live. For every donation you make, you receive a card to send to a loved one as a meaningful holiday gift.

For just $5 you could purchase a meal for a homeless child, nails to help build a home for someone in need, carrots and plumbs for families at local food banks, tutoring support for a disabled veteran, a sea turtle released into the ocean by high school students studying conservation in Mexico, bike maintenance tools for African villagers, and much more. Your loved ones will surely appreciate gifts like these!

History of the Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse

The Annual Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse (AGMP) was started in 2009 by two community members who were both independently exploring ways to promote local charitable giving on the Palouse at the holidays. When Renée and Dianne met, soon Mary and Dan were on board, and the AGMP was created! Thanks to the dedicated support of key community partners and volunteers, AGMP was met with incredible success. In our first year, we raised $7,474 for 25 local nonprofits in less than four hours!

Over the past ten years, we have increased donor awareness and enthusiasm to shop for holiday gifts at the Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse. With our goal to broaden our donor base, in 2014 we shared this inspirational opportunity with Saturday shoppers at the Palouse Mall. Shoppers who had not previously heard of the AGMP rose to the occasion with enthusiasm and gratitude. We aim to extend this giving opportunity to everyone on the Palouse and beyond. After 9 years of amazing leadership Renee, Diane and Mary passed the baton to Christine Gilmore, Jamie Hill, and Sandra Kelly. Dan Noble continued as the “man-behind-the-numbers guru.” The new leadership team carried the torch of giving into the 10th year of AGMP seeing a remarkable impact of $47,374 for local non-profits. 

The Power of Community The Market is organized and put on entirely by volunteers. The power of community partnerships and volunteerism makes our communities vibrant with philanthropy and sustainability.We have no paid staff. We are always looking for volunteers throughout the year and to help staff our events. If you have time, skills, energy or inspiration to share contact us at agmpalouse@gmail.com.

The AGMP Leadership team wants to thank the following for their early and enthusiastic support.

The Moscow Giving Circle for grant funds that support AGMP.

Ron Doebler (rondoebler.com) for taking photos at AGMP events.

Tonda Lark (Backcountry Lark) and David Harlan (Moscow Art Theater (Too)) for helping answer web design questions.

Gillian Sharma and Lisa Harmon, our lead AGMP volunteers for Kids Give!

Tiffanie Braun for all her help managing online giving.

It really does take the whole community to do this!