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Conservation Opportunities

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Conservation Opportunities is the new nonprofit founded to support the Moscow High School Environmental Club. Our mission is to provide service-learning opportunities to active members of the Environmental Club and to provide financial support to enable participation. Projects include the sea turtle conservation trip to Mexico, Ecology Project International courses in Yellowstone National Park, and service-learning opportunities at Phillips Farm County Park.

Donations can be made at any increment but there is a minimum donation amount of $5. All gift amounts ($5, $10, $20, $25, $50) make a difference and include an artfully designed postcard to share with someone on your holiday gift list. Upon making a donation, we will immediately send you the card from your selected organization(s) so you can share the joy of alternative giving.


The mission of the Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse (AGMP) is to: give residents of the Palouse a meaningful alternative to holiday gift giving and an opportunity to support local nonprofits. We strive to enhance community well-being and sustainability through celebrating personal charity and community partnerships.


Closed for 2020 season. Will open September 2021.


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